13 February 2017
PSBO Building is almost finished. More pictures coming soon.

More info coming soon

18 January 2017
B-ILD is happy to be selected for the second round of the competition Oproep Winvorm Bikschote.

10 January 2017
The skatepark that B-ILD designed together with Concrete Dreams, Constructo and Olivier Construct has been completed and approved.

19 October 2016
Dagpauwoog Building: new project for a school in Koningshooikt added.

15 August 2016
Studiolo House: new project added.

01 July 2016
PSBO Building: structure of the gymnasium completed.

28 April 2016
B-ILD is happy to have won the competition for “Dagpauwoog”, a new school building commissioned by GO!

01 March 2016
We are invited to give a lecture in the Galerie Opéra in Liège on the 16th of March. Hope to see you there!

19 February 2016
Skate Stage: team Concrete Dreams – Constructo – Olivier Construct – B-ILD has won the competition for a monolithic skatepark in Blankenberge.

09 February 2016
BKO Building: new project added.

18 December 2015
B-ILD wishes you a happy 2016!
PSBO Building: steel structure completed.

12 November 2015
B-ILD has invited Sarah Westphal to showcase her video projection “Stubenfliege, 2015”
in our office. Her work will be on display for 3 weeks in Handelskaai 30, Brussels.

26 August 2015
B-ILD has won the Winvorm competition for a Out of School Care Centre in Kortemark.

14 August 2015
Bunker Pavilion has been listed for the secound round of ‘The Belgian Prize
for Architecture 2015, awarded by the FAB and A+ Architecture in Belgium’.

10 July 2015
B-ILD wishes you a nice summer!
Garden Pavilion: construction completed.

29 May 2015
The pupils of the school PSBO Building were invited to visit the construction site.

18 May 2015
B-ILD has designed the scenography of Art Brussels 2015.

12 March 2015
Bunker Pavilion has been included in Dezeen’s top 10 houses of 2014.

More info coming soon.

17 February 2015
B-ILD took part in the project MOVIE SET by Marinella Senatore in BOZAR.

16 January 2015
Bleek House: project added.

31 December 2014
In 2014 B-ILD celebrated its 5th anniversary.

19 November 2014
Garden Pavilion: steel structure completed.

More info coming soon.

15 September 2014
B-ILD is happy to be selected for the second round of the competition “Remi Quadens school building”.

21 August 2014
Masereel Building: competition – project added.

28 April 2014
Record Building: construction completed.

14 January 2014
Flagey House: construction completed.

15 August 2013
B-ILD has won the competition for a new school building for special education in Tienen.